Please take your time to browse our pricelist. We can put together specific packages to your needs so feel free to ask and we will quote you per package.


LADIES TREATMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS -                                             GENTS TREATMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS -


                                HAIR                                                                                                                         HAIR


                Wet cut                                           £10                                                                     Wet cut                      £8

               Cut & BD                                        £25                                                                     Highlights & cut        £25

               Blow dry                                          £10      

               GHD curls                                       £18

               Hair Ups                                         £45

              (The above includes Glamour BD & hair piece)                                         ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS

               T-Bar                                               £40

               Add 2 colours                                £45                                                           Eyebrow Threading            £5

               T-Bar foils & Tint                           £50                                                           Lip Threading                      £4    

               Half Head                                       £55                                                          Chin Threading                    £4

               Full Head                                        £65                                                          Cheek Threading                £6

              Cap Highlights                               £40                                                           Full face                               £17

              Regrowth roots                               £40                                                                                                        

              Full head tint                                   £45                                                              

              Colour conditioning treatment      £10

              Head massage                              £8 -     Ideal as part of a facial or any hair treatment.




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